Priority List

Priority List

The first step in our admissions process at Army Residence Community is to become a Priority Holder. Positions on the Priority List are assigned sequentially upon the community’s receipt of an application for priority and the required deposit, together with the sponsor’s Report of Separation from the U.S. Armed Services, DD Form 214. A position on the Priority List ensures that you retain your sequence until you enter the community. This can be done at any time regardless of your time frame of interest and the deposit is 100% refundable. 

Priority Application


Waiting List 

When you are ready to move in, you may select up to three choices of the type and size residence you prefer. Then you will be placed on the Waiting List for those homes in the order of your Priority Number. Once you’ve been offered the type and size residence you prefer and you accept, you’re ready to complete the standard admissions procedures. 

For complete details, contact the Marketing Department at 1-800-725-0083.

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